Academic Facilities – Samoon Adarsh Vidyalaya

Activity Based Learning

One of the significant parts of truly versatile schooling, especially at the primary school level, is that learning must be activity-based, with a lot of pragmatic work and arrangement for substantial learning encounters, rather than the simple theoretical book-based knowledge. Therefore, we at Samoon Adarsh Vidyalaya pay more attention to the practicalities through plenty of individual activities and real-world examples.

Individual Attention
Every student expertise in some subjects but not everyone may be proficient in all the subjects. Therefore, children who are weak in a particular subject, we pay individual attention towards them and their learning practices.



Innovative and Modern Pedagogy
At Samoon Adarsh Vidyalaya, we want every child to excel and remain updated with the advanced world. Therefore, we try our level best to instill innovative and modern learning in our students. We strongly believe that whatever skills are significant today may soon become outdated in a matter of half a decade. So, it’s necessary to remain updated and revise the learning methodology as per the current demand in the education sector.